Musical Memories Made Easy

Music is the soundtrack of our lives according to Award-winning neuroscientist & musician Dr. Daniel Levitin, author of This Is Your Brain On Music: The Science Of A Human Obsession. Hearing a song can connect people to the outside world as well as help them remember their past and get in touch with their emotions. He suggests that Senior Living professionals incorporate music into their resident programming.

“Music therapy is the evidence-based use of music for therapeutic purposes, and it can assist in creating specific programs for specific [residents] and populations to help them meet their goals. Some examples of music therapy successes are with people suffering from brain damage—perhaps due to Alzheimer’s or other issues—who have lost the ability to speak,” said Levitin. 

Singa Pro for Seniors uses the vocal versions of our library to create highly curated lists of music for different age groups, genres and holidays. Music Therapists and Activity Directors have an invaluable tool to add variety to their routines and have fun doing it with the simple to use Singa Pro App. Residents can follow the color changing lyrics on a TV screen and sing along with the songs of their youth.

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